Saturday, 8 September 2012

Boy London

Literally in love with the new brand Boy London. It's so simple with tees, leggings and jumpers mainly in black, white or grey but look so effective. I think that the design of the bird is super cool and the basic colours are guaranteed to match any outfit! Am definitely going to be purchasing one of Boy London's jumpers to add to my college wardrobe!

Cosy up

Winter is fast approaching and it's time to get ya knits out! Feeling in one of those moods where you just wanna curl up in a ball with a ph@ cup of tea. Might have to take a trip to Topshop or alike to purchase one of these big winter beauties! Pic found whilst surfing.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

In Love..

Managed to get my hands on some beautiful JEFFERY CAMPBELL copies from for £45. Absolutely stunning but definitely ankle-breaking potential!! 
These shoes are so easy to wear, go with almost any outfit and the boot style means i can still wear comfy socks!

Tie Dye Madness

Always had a bit of a girl crush on Jameela Jamil, especially after wearing this beautiful Sugarhill Boutique dress in amazing tie dye! Tie dye is massive this summer and so easy to do! This dress can be found on the following link for just £47! Also available in a wonderful electric blue star print.

Amazing custom made original Levi's shorts, from Bambi and Manson
I think that this is a brilliant and original way to customize your old clothes. They have also started denim jackets with studding and bleach detail which is very much like UO at the moment. Prices vary online but i think it is definitely worth it! If not, try it at home yourself!


The gorgeous shoes also come in high tops, which are the height of current  trends similar to brands such as Nike, Adidas & Converse. 


If Alexa Chung owns a pair of these new Superga shoes, then i certainly must!
Found in most high street shoe stores, £45